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The candle care kit is here to keep your candles looking just as beautiful as the day you got them ✨

A luxe 4 piece set that includes;

  • Wick Trimmer - To help you quickly and easily trim your wicks to 2-5mm before every burn. By regularly trimming your wick you will ensure a longer lasting candle!
  • Wick Dipper - Used to straighten your wick before your next burn or to push the wick into the pool of melted wax so you can extinguish the flame and not create any smoke.
  • Candle Snuffer - Place over the flame of your candle to safely extinguish the flame. It effectively prevents hot wax from splattering over unwanted areas such as surrounding furniture and tabletops. 
  • A timeless black tray - Place your tray as decor while also housing all your tools for quick and easy access.

Candle Care

Key Features

🍃 Pure, Natural Ingredients: Our candles are meticulously crafted using 100% natural wax, embodying a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

🕯️ Cotton Wick Excellence: The cotton wick ensures a clean, consistent burn, free from any harmful substances, enhancing both safety and purity of the candlelight.

🎨 Masterful Craftsmanship: Our candles are hand-poured in small batches with years of experience, resulting in unique and exquisite pieces, reflecting our dedication to the craft.

🌺 Aromatic Serenity: Choose from our carefully curated range of scents designed to create an atmosphere of tranquility, whether you seek relaxation, focus, or serenity.

⏳ Longevity: For maximum usage of your candle, please follow our recommended care and ensure that you place away from direct sunlight to protect the scent and aesthetic of your candle.

🌟 Timeless Elegance: The simple and elegant design of our candles effortlessly complements various interior styles, providing an exquisite touch to any room or special occasion.

🎁 Perfect for Gifting: Our candles are presented in exquisite packaging, making them an exceptional choice for gifting, symbolising care and sophistication.

Shop now and experience their transformative charm.

Dimensions & Weight


57mm x 49mm x 94mm

5.7cm x 4.9cm x 9.4cm


Approx 50g

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