About Us

ALITTLETAME was born as a hobby of making candles. I needed something to help me improve my mental health. Something therapeutic that would get me off my phone and that would challenge me. Slowly that hobby turned into an addiction that took over my life. I can't complain though as I love it and I actually couldn't be more grateful that I get to do this for 'work'.

I found out I was pregnant in July 2022 and I wasn't sure what this meant for ALT. I took a step back from the business to focus on my little mans ever so quickly growing life.

This also gave me the chance to slow down and appreciate my 'job'. The fact I can work from home and give my family the best life where I am actually present and happy (or always striving to be hehe), while also creating the best products on the market!

I now do regular pop-ups and markets, I post where we will be regularly on social media. 

The rebrand is in full swing, so make sure to follow along on the journey to see where we go ⚡️

Check out the making of my magic on IG or TikTok @alittletame ✨

Tag me and I will re-share your content as I'd really love to connect 🤍

Lots of love, Jade xxx

*Dispatch is 1-5 business day as majority of our products are made to order.

Crystal and floral infused candle jarsCrystal and floral infused candle jars