My Family

Our first baby is due March 2023, I will continue to work throughout the year but I will be taking 2 weeks off around the birth to settle in and then once I return I will be having 3 dispatch days a week; Monday, Wednesday + Friday ✨

I've always dreamt about a dream career where I had the freedom to create, be flexible and to share my passions with the world so I am very grateful to be the proud owner of alittletame as ALT allows me to have all that and more - Jade

ALT started out as a 'happy accident' when I decided I wanted to try out a new hobby. I instantly fell in-love with the whole process and I quickly became infatuated with trying out new designs and expanding on my orignal range.

I now have even bigger dreams for the future, so I can't wait for you to see what I have in store!


Spreading POSITIVITY from our space to yours! 🌿

ALITTLETAME is the ultimate self-love brand that provides quality products that enhance your self-care routine!

We have a wide range of candles, crystals, home decor and have just recently launched our hand made crystal wrapped necklaces  ✨

Our products are made with love and intention and are bound to help romanticise your space and help you fall in-love with yourself, over and over again 💚


    Our collection of clean, phthalate-free fragrance oils are unique and sophisticated.


    All wax and fragrance oils are made from all natural ingredients.


    We are committed to sustainably sourcing our materials + containers.