16oz Tumbler Glasses with straws

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Our collection of 16oz tumbler glasses are designed to elevate your sipping experience while being eco-friendly. Each tumbler is adorned with eye-catching designs, making them perfect for any occasion.

Each tumbler glass comes with a glass straw, straw cleaners can be purchased additionally for $2. We recommend a straw cleaner for your hygiene as it helps to clean your straw after use.


We will be adding to our design collection in the near future and you can shop more designs at our local markets!

Sublimation Care

- Hand-wash only
- We recommend you use our straw cleaner to ensure cleanliness
- Avoid extreme heat
- Not Microwave safe
- Avoid harsh cleaning agents

Key Features

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Shop now and experience their transformative charm.

Dimensions & Weight

16oz = 470mls