Slow Self-Care: the Role of the Senses

Slow Self-Care: the Role of the Senses

Taking the time to unwind and relax after a busy weekend is one of Sunday’s greatest pleasures. The renowned “Self-Care Sunday'' is quickly becoming an institution in today's day and age. 

You know how to do your skin care routine, and you know how to wash your hair. But self-care is more than this: it’s a healing ritual that is deeply introspective - the practice of spending time with yourself, and enjoying it

Here are a few of our favourite tips to help you slow down during your next pamper session (no Cassie-vibes allowed). 

It all comes down to engaging your senses.

1. Get your playlist ready

Queue up a list of your favourite songs; ones that feel soothing but uplifting. Songs that make you feel powerful and at ease. 

2. Dim the lights

Bright lights have no place in this space. Turn off any overhead lighting in your bathroom, and bring in a small lamp to diffuse some warm light across your space. 

3. Set the mood

Light your favourite candle: these ones from alittletame are our absolute favourites. Pick your favourite scent and let it fill the room. The flickering candle flame brings movement and life, and fosters a sense of sacredness. 

4. Take a sip

Whatever your beverage of choice: wine, hot chocolate, sparkling water, juice… sipping on something delicious will engage your sense of taste.  It will elevate the self-care experience from routine to luxurious. 

5. Take your time

This practice is all about taking time for yourself, by yourself. Spending time looking after yourself because you deserve it and because it feels good. Before you get started, it can help to close your eyes and take some deep and slow breaths before settling into your routine.

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