How to Care for your Candle

How to Care for your Candle

If you have just received your alittletame candles in the mail, we are so excited for you! We have poured each candle with love, and we can’t wait for you to experience them.

Here are some of our candle-burning best tips, so that you can maximise the lifetime of your candle and make the most of its beautiful shape.

  1. Burn your candle in a supervised and safe location

    Make sure that you are setting your candle up away from potential fire risks such as curtains and dried flowers. Avoid drafts that will cause your candle flame to flicker, as this can lead to the uneven burning of your candle. And keep an eye on it, lest it throw a crazy house party and invite all of its friends! 

  2. Burn tray

    Set that baby up on one of our marble burning trays! At alittletame we design our candles to look like art: the perfect sculptural addition to your decor. It is essential that you place your candle on a heatproof plate or tray, to protect your furniture from the heat of your candle and any dripping wax. Our premium marble burning trays are excellent quality and look incredible when staged in your home. 

  3. Trim the wick

    Trim the wick of your candle to at most 1cm before each burn. This will help you to avoid an excessively large flame that may cause uneven burning.

  4. First burn: 1 hour

    The first burn of your alittletame candle is crucial as it sets up your initial burn circle. Ensure that your first burn lasts for one hour as this is the perfect amount of time to create a neat and compact burn circle.

  5. Following burns: 2 hour blocks

    Following your initial burn, ensure that the following burn times do not exceed two hours. This will help you to avoid excessive candle wax dripping, and will optimise the structure and shape of your candle.

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