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Amplify the mood and set your intentions with our beautifully decorated flower candles, intentionally fragranced and poured for you to enjoy with all the added benefits of being in a convenient tin 

Including our signature blended wax and cotton-wicks, the tin candle collection will create the atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of and allow you to take them everywhere you go…

Perfect for travel, sampling scents or to gift to a loved one 🤍

Vanilla Caramel: Pink toned wax
Coconut + Lime: Charcoal toned wax
Japanese Honeysuckle: Warmer smooth wax
Watermelon: Whiter toned wax
Cinnamon Cookies: Warmer toned wax with beautiful marks through it

*Flowers have been intuitively chosen for you. If there is a certain colour theme or crystal you are after, please contact us through our Instagram page (@alittletame) or via email at alittletame@gmail.com*