Dreamy Duo - Wax Melter + Melts

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Create a soft romantic space with our beautiful ceramic wax burner and fill the house with ambience as this dreamy duo comes with our 'Beyond Dreamy' wax melts as well 🤍

Each duo comes with;

  • Our Ceramic Wax Burner (a two piece set that includes the ceramic base and a 'burn bowl')
  • A Beyond Dreamy Wax Melt Set (two mini clouds accompanied by moons and daisies)
  • A Complimentary tea light so you can use your set straight away!

Life is too short to not dream big, so go on, I dare you! 

Approx. weight of wax melts: 60 grams

Colours of daises and moons will be intuitively chosen for you, but rest assured all are as beautiful as each other 🌻

*Colours of daisies and moons can vary from blue, pink, purple or burgundy 🌈


Please only light your tea light with a long candle lighter and refrain from touching the wax bowl on top until it has completely cooled down, this is for your own safety.