Labradorite Droplet Crystal Wrapped Silver Necklace

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Awareness + Protection + Intution
  • Helps to break down limiting beliefs, fears & insecurities to build the trust you should have in yourself & the universe.
  • Encourages you to explore the worlds, unlock you physic abilities & protects you along the way.
  • Calms overactive mind
  • Prevents energy leaks
  • Increases determination
  • Reduce Anti Social Behaviour
  • Rebirth & transformation

'I am filled with magic and i know with that, anything is possible'

Made By Cesalt Collective 

Jewellery Care

Avoid direct contact with perfume. Avoid getting wet, remove when entering the water. Jewellery is tarnish resistant, to extend longevity & quality of necklace. Clean & polish with a soft cloth. Recharge crystal with sage/incense, selenite, salt bath, moonlight or signing bowl to maximise properties.